Independent Graphic Designer

Emily is a photographer, a graphic designer, blogger, taco enthusiast, and creative professional. Her creative journey was introduced when she received her first Polaroid Barbie Pink Instant 600 Film Camera at 4 years old from her parents.

Emily’s professional career started at the age of 17 where she worked as a photo lab assistant and web designer at a local business in her hometown in Northport, NY. Since, she’s been introduced to many other experiences in the creative industry such as assisting wedding photographers, advertising & marketing, and web designing. Currently she is a full time student at Queens College studying for her BFA in Graphic Design. When she’s not in school, she’s a full-time graphic designer for a local small business and part-time marketing intern, al while freelancing on the side & blogging along the way. Emily hopes to inspire young people and to prove that they can have anything as long as they work towards it, and that doing what you love while being young, isn’t unattainable.