Basement Brew – Label Design

Basement Brew – Label Design

A beer bottle label design was definitely a first for me, but when told to “do whatever,” well… I did just that. So the first thing I did (of course) was create an illustrated version of the creators behind Basement Brew.

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It was a very messy illustration when I first created it. Mostly because I had fun with it, instead of picking everything about it apart and worrying about making mistakes, I kind of just let it happen… I liked the way the lines had looked when drawing it out in Photoshop, but then I imported the illustration into Illustrator & made it a vector piece for a more “polished” look. I’m definitely happy with the outcome.

The not-so perfect lines made the cartoon look hand-drawn, giving it that home-made effect (like the beer). The logo is mostly type based with a tiny bit of line work. Being that these two are literally brewing beer in their basement, (the first batch was amazing by the way) I wanted to subtly add stairs to the business name “Basement Brew.” The logo is in black, because each different batch they make will have a different color label.

I had a lot of fun creating these labels, and look forward to creating more for these two! You can follow Basement Brew’s progress over on their Instagram! 


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