Ah! I’m so excited to announce this giveaway! Seriously one of my favorite giveaways and here’s why. Who doesn’t like winning something so close to the holidays? The winner will win a white tee, with… View Post

New brand alert! I’ve always been obsessed with chokers, specifically chokers with a moon or star charms and I have finally found my favorite. The charm you see is a swarovski crystal of a moon, and each piece has… View Post

Biographie Jewelry (based in Colorado), was created to bring an exclusive collection of fashion fine jewelry to women like you who want relaxed, understated, affordable luxury. I had the opportunity to experience this unique style… View Post

After many shopping trips for many things I hadn’t realized I needed… I’ve got a pretty big collection of a lot of little things going. Starting with clothes (of course!). The tops are from Wet Seal and… View Post

Most people love weddings and I think after reading this post, it’ll be clear that I am apart of that most. Let’s start with my favorite, the photography. I’ve shot 2 different weddings with two different… View Post