Emily Lynn Caulfield

A graphic designer with a background in everything else.

A graphic designer specializing in web & layout design.

Currently causing chaos in the state of New York.


Editorial & Layout Design

BitMag is a magazine that shares shopping guides for photo needs and accessories, how-to tutorials, tips & tricks, and inspirational photography. This is a made up magazine I had made for my Publication Design course. The photos were edited in Adobe Lightroom, touched up in Adobe Photoshop, and the magazine was created in Adobe InDesign with use of grid structure.

BitMag was a project given in my Publication Design course to allow us to practice lay out design, specifically in magazines. The instructions were to create a made up magazine and create articles with use of images and text (could be taken from an outside source). I had written my own articles & tutorials, and used original photography.

Final Spreads

Each piece was thought out based on photographs I had. I chose popular topics that I know I had once been interested in learning when I was introduced to Photoshop. Beautiful photographs helped sell the articles, and really gave a better understanding when tying everything together in the learning process.