Emily Lynn Caulfield

A graphic designer with a background in everything else.

A graphic designer specializing in web & layout design.

Currently causing chaos in the state of New York.

Design Culture Now

Poster Design

This project was given in my Typography I course, where I had to create a poster design for a design museum exhibit. During this project we created many variatons with difference in leading, alignment, type styles, and use of mixing different typefaces.

Being a printed poster representing Design Culture, I chose to use the colors representing CMYK. For this particular project, I chose to stick with one font family and utilize the different weights.


Final Poster Design

In this course, I was taught how to use type to interact with the viewer. By changing the size and weights, using different typefaces, and changing orientation. Doing these things allowed me to manipluate how the way the viewer read what part of my design first.