Emily Lynn Caulfield

A graphic designer with a background in everything else.

A graphic designer specializing in web & layout design.

Currently causing chaos in the state of New York.

Governors Ball

Identity Design

This project was given in my Design II course of Spring 2018. We were to design a consistent identity for the Governors Ball 2018 Music Festival, including poster design, packaging design, and a design for the bracelets. The written content was given to us.


Color Palette

Wristband Design

Packaging Design

The skyline is to be folded inward, and overlapping buildings will be glued shut. In the center there will be a sticker that the final receiver can use at their own disposal. Inside you can find the wristband policy, as well as what to bring and not to bring. Check boxes are left open to be used by the person receiving it. The wrist band is to be attached to the outside of the design. The back of the design is hand painted using silver acrylic paint in short strokes for texture.