Emily Lynn Caulfield

A graphic designer with a background in everything else.

A graphic designer specializing in web & layout design.

Currently causing chaos in the state of New York.

Self Portrait

Poster Design

This project was given in my Design I course of Fall 2017. The content for this project came from an About Me questionaire that was filled out on the first day of class. The first step of this design's process was to cut out letters that had been printed out in various sizes, and paste them to several tile frames. After narrowing in on 5 designs and revising them, I then digitized the designs and re-created them using Adobe Illustrator.

Then I was instructed to produce shapes by only using different weight sharpies and an object of our choice. I had chosen a green tea can tab. This is where I incorporated the random lines and geometric shapes. After creating these, we digitized them and perfected them in an unperfected way. This assignment really helped me stop overthinking, and allowed me to stop controlling my work and just make.

Cut and Paste


Final Revision

Throughout this course, we were taught, using hiearchy, to manipulate the way the viewer/reader sees our poster. By using heavier weights, or bigger shapes and type grabs the viewer/reader's attention, pulls them in and makes them interact with the designs. Contrast between dark and light created a dimension that makes it easier to interact with.
Animated Poster