Emily Lynn Caulfield

A graphic designer with a background in everything else.

A graphic designer specializing in web & layout design.

Currently causing chaos in the state of New York.


Branding & Identity Design

SmartTrak that created a scale to be placed inside small, opaque bottles, that keeps track of how much is left of the product. The scale will tell you the percentage that's left inside the bottle, and will warn you when your products are running low. Once they start to run low, you are given the option to re-purchase the product before you run out.

Starting with the logo design, I had sketched up a few selections. After consultation, we decided on this one after minor adjustments. Also for this project, four mock up images of how the app design would look were requested. The four images show the screen used to scan the barcode of your product, the "my" products screen, the running low alert, and the re-purchase screen.

Logo Design

Color Pallette

App Design