#FridayFavorites – Photography at Wintergreen Resort

#FridayFavorites – Photography at Wintergreen Resort

Happy Friday which also happens to be World Photo Day! I’ve been exploring around Wintergreen Resort in Virginia these past few days and my camera has been killing it. Between portrait shots of family and friends, landscapes of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and macro shots of wildlife- everything photography has been on my side. I will be going home on Saturday but I’d really like to quickly share some of my favorite photos from this trip taken so far. Please know that this post contains affiliate links, to learn more visit my Sponsors page.

Starting with the family shots I cannot get over.

Here’s a pic right before his hiking adventure!
E-0149iZip line on the side of a mountain = unbelievable view. (p.s. I uploaded a vid of me going down on Twitter! Click here.)
E-0218iStill found a way to go tubing down a mountain without any snow, haha.

The first photo of my youngest cousin is actually edited… a lot.

It was a photo of him and my brother, posed for a photo, smiling and all- but my brother was a bit too blurry so I used the techniques used in my Photo Restoration post to take him out and replace him with the background. Did you notice? After perfecting the background I moved on to his eyes- I love little kids with sparkly eyes. I used the Sharpening tool and the Dodge tool to bring them out more. Isn’t he adorable? Everything was processed through Adobe Lightroom first and if needed I’d bring it into Adobe Photoshop to remove dust and add my initials where I liked it most.

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…and of course, all things nature.

EDSC_0062iLove taking this pretty lil guy’s photo! He knew what he was doing.
E-0112iNot exactly wisteria but I’ll take another pretty purple flower when I see it 😉

All of these photos can be found in high resolution on my Flickr page.

The photo of the butterfly was actually taken just like that, I only edited a piece of grass out (it took too much focus away from the details in the wings) and messed around with the color and the lighting. In the second photo of the flower I only lightened it up and added some contrast. I really enjoy the color pop of the purple against all of those neutrals it’s surrounded by.

I’m sorry I’ve been slow- I’m in Virginia until Saturday night and then I’ll be posting regularly again. I’m on Instagram and Twitter for quick shares of the trip so be sure to follow me there!

Happy World Photo Day!



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