MUST Haves for Designing

MUST Haves for Designing


Honestly, it’s even more than just graphics. It’s everything, as a designer, I could ever need in a website. All of the images (including the wood pattern background AND font) are from my favorite resource website GraphicBurger. I was actually referred by another graphic designer I used to work with to this site and I’m forever thankful. The downloadables found on this site are free to use for personal and commercial use. Win, win!

I mostly use their mock ups to showcase my designs (logos, ideas, moodboards, etc.) on. It really helps create an image for your client if you show them their design on an mock up business card or mock up laptop, etc. GraphicBurger has literally anything you can think of- above I’m using their Designer Desk Essentials mock up which I also had used to make the opening image on my website. The recently added font Lorano ExtraLight which was also used above can be found here.

There are SO many amazing downloadables on GraphicBurger that are useful to anyone (not only designers!)

There is another site that I haven’t gotten around to exploring yet, but by the looks of it I’m going to have to start. Free Design Resources also has amazing designs by other designers offering their creations for FREE. By the looks of their license though, I’d be careful because all though the website offers free to use for personal and commercial use- certain things may have different licenses depending on the creator. Both GraphicBurger and Free Design Resources do mention that you are not to sell these items as they were given to you for free. Duh. 😉

Happy designing! Looking forward to see some more lovely creations by lovely people.

xox-Emily Lynn Caulfield


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