Instagram Keywords: The Instagram Tip No One is Talking About

Instagram keywords and search optimization: what you need to know 

Everyone wants their content to be easily discoverable, but the question has always been how?  At first, hashtags were an easy way to push your content to users looking for the same thing, then it was the location filters and later.. reels. But what people aren’t talking about, is that keywords are now just as important on Instagram as they are on websites and blog posts! (And I’m not just talking about hashtags.)

SEO and Instagram Keywords

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is an organic process of creating and improving your site’s content to increase reach when people search for your business on search engines like Google. Google ranks search results from most relevant to least, based on what keywords, images, and more information you use on your site! 

How does this translate to Instagram? 

What does this have to do with Instagram? If you Google your business name, what populates? Your Instagram profile should, and you will start to see your posts show up here too (if your keywords are working correctly.) 

We can use this to our advantage, to ensure that the right audiences are finding your content by adding keywords that relate to your content. What problem does your product/service solve? How can you make that a keyword for your dream audience to find you?

Instagram Discovery Feed & Search

The Instagram Search bar functions like your typical Google search. You can now search anything including keywords, locations, accounts, and hashtags. This allows Instagram to push relevant content to users’ Suggested Feed. 

Your captions should include keywords to increase your reach on both Instagram AND search engines like Google. Make sure your captions are descriptive and relevant. 

On top of using keywords in all of your captions, make sure your profile is also up to date with keywords. Review your bio and include descriptive keywords that showcase your business, as well as a call to action! 

Instagram Keywords: Where do I go next? 

Instagram is constantly changing. One day it’s hashtags the next it’s all about “posting as many reels as you can!” It can be overwhelming when there’s so much to learn! 

Use this blog post as a guide when writing your upcoming captions. Just remember keywords, descriptive captions, and consistent posting will help you organically grow your reach on Instagram. 

Save this post for later to use as a guide in your upcoming captions!

Instagram Tips: Using Instagram Keywords in your posts

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