Creating Groomsmen Proposal Gifts for my Fiancé

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I had a little something in mind for Pat’s groomsmen proposal, but when Pat had mentioned to our friend Mike that he “didn’t have anything crafty” planned… I got crafty. Most of the boys brew beer together as a hobby, under the name Basement Brew. At first, I had only planned to create branded hand towels that they can all use when they brew together. When I started to brainstorm I thought it’d be funny to create a menu design for their “brewery” too.

The Basement Brew Menu Design

The menu is filled with all kinds of inside jokes. The design is printed on an off-white construction paper and laminated to protect it from future beer spills. The gold paper is an additional detail where the groomsmen proposal can be found and includes all of the groomsmen and their contact information for all.

The gold paper is from an AstroBrights paper pack I had purchased awhile ago for another project. I was amazed to find that the color matched the hand towels perfectly! Their contact information & last names have been hidden for privacy purposes.

The “Admit One Drink” Ticket

As I was designing and printing the menu design, Pat had texted me telling me that the guys were asking about wedding colors. I wasn’t concerned, but then became concerned. After receiving their Groomsmen proposal gift are they going to think gold is our wedding color, not realizing all gifts were branded for Basement Brew?

So… I created a “Admit One Drink” ticket and added it to the paper clipped menu. Our wedding will most definitely have an open bar, but to match the aesthetic I left it as is. The smaller texts says, “Question? Don’t know what wisteria is? Call Colleen.” Colleen is my Maid of Honor, who knows all there is to know about the wedding LOL.

The Final Product: Pat’s Groomsmen Proposal Gifts

The final product turned out amaaaazing and I’m so happy with how everything turned out! I had stuffed everything into a pint glass from Target which seriously tied everything together perfectly. The custom towels are from this pack on Amazon.

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