June Book Review

I’ve been a bit slow with reading the various books I have waiting for me. In February, I was banking on the idea that Summer was almost here and that I would finally have time to read. Of course I was wrong, ha! P.S. there are cookies in this post & if you’d like to read about them you can click here.

Since I’ve been done with school, I’ve been doing the things I’ve been anxious to start doing since school started. Though, I’ve also been reminding myself that taking mental health days to read isn’t a bad idea either. So I’ve picked up two books from my shelf, and decided to read!

June Book Selections

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Book #1: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

This book only took 2 pages before I was hooked. There were so many questions I needed answers to. I’m always a nerd when it comes to Sci-Fi books, so when I found out there were 2 more books in the trilogy- you can imagine how I reacted. I kid you not, I read this book in 4 days because I just needed to know.

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To my surprise, there’s a movie based on this book. I almost fell over and died because I was so excited to see how they portray all of the monsters that come up in the book. Of course, they didn’t run into the mirror monster or the underground tower, so I was upset. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi mysteries, and has a big imagination. This world is, for me at least, something I would’ve never come up with by myself. Buy this book on Amazon and have it in 2 days using Amazon Prime!

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Book #2: Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland

Again, another page turner. If you’re like me and loved John Green’s Paper Towns, the Fault in Our Stars, and Looking for Alaska – you’ll seriously love this book. Teen love, except it’s the unusual kind. I loved every second of reading all about the main character, Henry. Following him on his adventure of pursuing a semi-dead girl was probably just as heart breaking for me as it was for him. Sutherland makes you just as curious about Grace (the girl Henry inevitably falls for) as Henry is and because of this, I read this book in a little less than 3 days.

Quotes I Highlighted:

  • “The best thing the universe ever gave us is that we’ll all be forgotten” (62).
  • “They do it because they believe that some things are more beautiful when they’ve been broken” (171).
  • “Stories with happy endings are just stories that haven’t finished yet” (276).
  • “But love is scientific, man. I mean, it’s really just a chemical reaction in the brain” (285).
  • “a piece of paper can only be folded so many times before it cannot be folded any more” (302).

Okay, I knew this was a sort of sad book, but when I went back over the quotes I had highlighted while reading it, wow. LOL! It really was a good read though, and I’d definitely recommend it. Buy it on Amazon and have it in 2 days using Amazon Prime!

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If you like reading books just as much as I do, let’s connect over on GoodReads! Next month I will be reading short stories & other writings for a class I’m taking.. But hopefully I’ll be posting another review post soon after that. Before you go, let me know in the comments if you’ve read either of these books and if you liked them as much as I did! I’d love to know. 🙂

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