Learning Hand Lettering in Procreate by Gia Graham on Skillshare

I’ve had Skillshare on my mind for a while now and finally decided to put the time in. The first course I wanted to take was Learning Hand Lettering in Procreate by Gia Graham. I’ve been using ProCreate since I’ve had my iPad Pro, but never in the way that Gia teaches you to use it.

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In Gia Graham’s course, she goes over hand lettering and MORE. Seriously, she went over ProCreae basics, Typography, letter anatomy, and so much more. If you have 2 hours, I definitely recommend taking the time to educate yourself with her course!

Learning Hand Lettering in Procreate

Here’s a screenshot of a sketch of mine from her Serif lesson:

serif hand lettering sketch from a skillshare course

Here are screenshots from her illustrative hand-lettering lesson:

Letter "J" as illustrative hand lettering

Letter "Y" as illustrative hand-lettering

Annnd a screenshot of my name, using some techniques she teaches throughout the course:

"Emily" hand lettering exercise with color

I want to share a couple more projects I’ve done using the skills taught in her course.

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"pumpkin" hand lettering exercise

I’d love to see what you’ve been working on, tag/send them to me!

Do you have a course you loved taking on Skillshare? 


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