Design Portfolio Update: Rebel – Logo Design

I’m so excited to share this new business in my design portfolio update! The creators behind Average Dude TV, Matt & Matt, have also created a new clothing business called Rebel. Their mission is to spread the mindset of moving against the grain, against the crowd, and being different. I’m always happy to create with them because their mission to inspire others, aligns perfectly with mine!

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This isn’t my first time working with these two, and I’m excited to watch them and their projects grow. The most recent project that I’ve worked on is the logo design for their newest company, Rebel. Below are some pictures of the logo in action.

Design Portfolio Update: Rebel Logo Design

I definitely recommend checking Rebel out! Currently they have a website (coming soon!!) and an Instagram you can follow & stay updated. There clothing will be trendy and fashionable, and of course something they would wear themselves. To learn more about their company, they uploaded a video explaining it a bit where you watch here. Other links are down below!

Website // Instagram

If you were also interested in the Matt’s and what they do besides their new business.. Definitely check out their YouTube channel & Instagram. Their videos & posts are super inspirational and motivating, especially to young people. All young people SHOLD go after their dreams, it’s never too early to start! You DO NOT have to wait! All of their info is linked below!

YouTube // Instagram // Website

To view more items from my portfolio feel free to check out my site! As always, stay inspired (and warm, it’s way too cold here in New York!). Happy Wednesday! ♥

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