Some Goals for 2018

  1. I’ve seen a lot of different types of resolutions for this new year. One of them being that some people like to set goals as they come. Others, have told me they’d rather not set goals and just live for that day. I think if you’re living your days with the intention to better yourself, you’re doing everything right.

Do what you want, when you want to do it.

What I like about New Year’s resolutions, is that it gives me a set time and day to reset and start fresh. I love that it isn’t a day I can forget about, and procrastinate. The year is over, and another one is beginning. Here’s some of the things that I will be working towards in 2018.

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Set goals, long term or short term.

•Eat more tacos in the states I haven’t been to already. (It’s a bucket list item)
•Take more pictures.
•Read more books (and use GoodReads to track them. If you have a GoodReads account please comment them below!! I’m always looking for new book recommendations!)
•Do more art for me.
•Meet more people!
•Try to not be everywhere at once.
•FINALLY GO TO OREGON?????  (And Yellowstone National Park & Yosemite National Park if I’m lucky…? Yes please.)
•Create more things using tools I’m not 100% confident in using.
•Grow my brand & business.
•Creating more meaningful content.

These are just a few, of course there are the vague but most meaningful to me. Such as learning more about my craft, meeting new creatives and expanding our knowledge & so on. I also want to make more time for myself to spend with my family & friends. I’ve been super focused on blogging and working this past year, I definitely need to balance it out.

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I’m sure in the next few months I’ll have more things to add.. What are some goals that you’re looking forward to this 2018?! I want to know!! Leave it in the comments! 🙂

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